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Shifting Paradigms with the Passage of Time is a Necessity for Survival of Humanity.

Paradigm shift is becoming a dire need of the day with ever growing reality of the globalization of the world we live in, unless we do not start thinking in terms of humanity as a whole we are not growing with this great reality of the day. Past philosophers and great minds were grown in different environments like post renaissance period greatly differed with the latter. However we neither have got out of any past schools of thought nor have we developed any, for today’s world. Most of the recent books written are creating more chaos and causing wars of civilizations instead of creating environment for peace, at most what we see is mere analysis like geopolitics of emotions, addressing why and how mankind is suffering, giving no solutions.
Today’s mind in the age of big bang of communication era must grow to a level where it can perceive problems and look for solutions in altogether in a different pattern and paradigm, where one grows beyond an old age thinking of localized existence. We can only envisage a lasting peace if we now on start thinking with a global conscience as the world changing into a global village is but a great reality. No one can deny economy of one region, one country affects the others more closely than ever before in the history of mankind and like wise the other fields of life. Until mankind starts to think of an overall peaceful coexistence, general good of all mankind, there perhaps can not be any good prevailing in the whole world. In today’s world if we still want to breathe in a localized environment we will be choked. As such the very survival of humanity as a whole lies in developing an over all awareness, embracing the prevailing realities; systems will have to be developed where general good of all is ensured.
We may call it the law of nature or the design of The Creator but this family of Adam will have to start taking care and develop requisite empathy for all, else the humanity is doomed even before the Dooms Day. We in nut shell will have to start thinking of the betterment of others, preferring the peace for others alone for obvious reasons would ensure a lasting peace for all and this is not only the need of the day but an uncompromisable necessity, if mankind does not accept such realities, the nature won’t allow such scattered self eccentric society to exist, choice is still with us to CHANGE with the changing times or face the catastrophe, a natural outcome of disobeying the laws of nature, pointing to a great need of collective
responsibility through developing a collective conscience.
We will have to grow beyond a myopic set of thinking and start to accept the responsibility for others over and above our own; the day we reach such levels of empathy, only then do we have the chance to exist. If mankind thinks a fire in neighborhood won’t reach us one day we are naïve, living in a fools Paradise, when world has shrunk into a Global Village, the villagers will have to run to put off that fire and by the way not to save their own self but the one faced with the problem. Nature demands that we may look upon this phenomenon from the point of view of religious duty or with completely a secular approach but anyone using an iota of logic would agree that in the survival of one in the neighborhood is but the survival of all. This universal awareness developing universal norms and ethos is the need of the day for the very survival of the humanity. The first
Sign of this awareness is accepting a reality that we stop assessing an idea not by the criterion as to who is saying but what is being said.