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I feel I am lucky to have attended multifarious institutions including schools from very remote areas of Pakistan to the prestigious institutions like Government College University of Lahore, Pakistan Military Academy from where I luckily graduated at a 2nd position missing the sword of honor only by one position. I did my basic Helicopter Conversion from Bell Helicopter International in Isfahan, Iran and an Instrument Rating from Fort Rucker Alabama. After being a flight instructor for about 10 years I got early retirement and since then I am teaching Religious Studies and Islamiyat to O & A Levels. A profession I feel has given me great sense of achievement besides so many good people as my beloved students who are like a family now, which I take as an asset to me.

Dilemma of Modern Man – Peace becoming merely a dream.

If our thinking faculties lacks the requisite adaptability, flexibly and abilities to accept what we thought yesterday may not be the only realities then we are living in a kind of false world, as our thinking and approach towards life is no more dynamic. Most of mankind today for example is living with religious perceptions, created by scholars thousands of years ago, blindly believing as expounded by those minds of the past. Obvious result is that gradually mankind as a whole has divorced religion out of their lives, almost having given up on religion altogether. All 17-18th century scholars up to recent past e.g. Bertrand Russell turned completely atheists obviously making this impact on mankind as a whole, especially the so called educated Eliot. On the other hand there is a dangerous class of people emerging in all religions which has become too rigid in their centuries old ideologies, ending in a kind of extremist attitude mostly hostile towards all those who differ with them in their fixed ideas. This has resulted in religious fanaticism, referred as rise of Militant Piety by Karen Armstrong a scholar with spiritual approach in her thinking. A point of vital importance must not be overlooked here that those who have completely given up on religiosity don’t realize that they too have become exactly the same while opposing these fanatics, as rigid, in-accommodating and being on the other extreme; are also turning obviously to a same kind of extremism in their behavior towards anyone even if just trying to talk about religion. None of us realizes that those evil forces which always existed in one form or the other are taking the advantage of this situation, these opportunists like Pharaohs and modern day Hitlers, which by the way is continuing but in modern garb unidentifiable by most of us; are exploiting such elements to create havoc in the countries they intend to carry on with covert activities for ensuring the same old urge to dominate, a mad pursuit for hegemony as the only objective, an objective pursued by all past Pharaohs in one form or the other till to date. Words of Field Marshal Goering, a close associate of Hitler uttered before facing the gallows at Nuremberg might elaborate one aspect of the problem we are trying to unearth as to why humanity as a whole is suffering.

“Naturally the common people don’t want war. But after all, its the leaders of a country who determine the policy, and it is always a simple matter to drag people along whether it is democracy or fascist dictatorship, or a parliament, or a communist dictatorship. Voice or no voice, people can always be brought to the biddings of the leaders. This is easy. All you have to tell them you are being attacked, and denounce the pacifists for lack of patriotism and for exposing the country to danger. It works the same in every country.”

Hermann Goering, Hitler’s Reich Marshal, at the Nuremberg Trials after World War II.

Not only that many parallels can be seen in this statement and the prevailing situation in the modern world but the worst virus emerging are the new types of government systems after World War II, best described as the Corporatocracy and Econocracy, a monster worst than Pharaohic Designs.

This topic is of vital importance but really gigantic in its magnitude requiring a lengthy exposition, however our humble aim here is to awake from a slumber caused by a dangerous rigidity in our thinking and be more flexible to understand the realities in their true perspective, unless we have gone into a state of indifference, lack of interest and concern; suffering from growing menace like apathy, one of the results of a typical capitalist mentality. However there is a dire need to dig deep and unearth what is causing the world the only home we have, day by day turning into unsafe place for us all. Let’s identify our real problem, our real enemies, as a cliché in eastern language portrays the situation in these words, “the real snake actually is born and is being brought up in our own very sleeve”. If we start thinking about such trends as a natural phenomenon with no other option, then we just wait for the Dooms Day, which too is no more there in our dictionaries as eschatology too has merely become an academic matter not a reality any more as religion too has become a matter having no value, a matter too orthodox to even talk about. But let’s not forget same old Pharaohs are exploiting us all having enslaved us like the Children of Israel, though we are all but the Children of Adam, the biggest reality is that we as humanity are being divide today for their heinous ulterior motives, ready to make us kill and consume each other. Time is now to wake up from this slumber the same Pharaohs have put us into.


Shifting Paradigms with the Passage of Time is a Necessity for Survival of Humanity.

Paradigm shift is becoming a dire need of the day with ever growing reality of the globalization of the world we live in, unless we do not start thinking in terms of humanity as a whole we are not growing with this great reality of the day. Past philosophers and great minds were grown in different environments like post renaissance period greatly differed with the latter. However we neither have got out of any past schools of thought nor have we developed any, for today’s world. Most of the recent books written are creating more chaos and causing wars of civilizations instead of creating environment for peace, at most what we see is mere analysis like geopolitics of emotions, addressing why and how mankind is suffering, giving no solutions.
Today’s mind in the age of big bang of communication era must grow to a level where it can perceive problems and look for solutions in altogether in a different pattern and paradigm, where one grows beyond an old age thinking of localized existence. We can only envisage a lasting peace if we now on start thinking with a global conscience as the world changing into a global village is but a great reality. No one can deny economy of one region, one country affects the others more closely than ever before in the history of mankind and like wise the other fields of life. Until mankind starts to think of an overall peaceful coexistence, general good of all mankind, there perhaps can not be any good prevailing in the whole world. In today’s world if we still want to breathe in a localized environment we will be choked. As such the very survival of humanity as a whole lies in developing an over all awareness, embracing the prevailing realities; systems will have to be developed where general good of all is ensured.
We may call it the law of nature or the design of The Creator but this family of Adam will have to start taking care and develop requisite empathy for all, else the humanity is doomed even before the Dooms Day. We in nut shell will have to start thinking of the betterment of others, preferring the peace for others alone for obvious reasons would ensure a lasting peace for all and this is not only the need of the day but an uncompromisable necessity, if mankind does not accept such realities, the nature won’t allow such scattered self eccentric society to exist, choice is still with us to CHANGE with the changing times or face the catastrophe, a natural outcome of disobeying the laws of nature, pointing to a great need of collective
responsibility through developing a collective conscience.
We will have to grow beyond a myopic set of thinking and start to accept the responsibility for others over and above our own; the day we reach such levels of empathy, only then do we have the chance to exist. If mankind thinks a fire in neighborhood won’t reach us one day we are naïve, living in a fools Paradise, when world has shrunk into a Global Village, the villagers will have to run to put off that fire and by the way not to save their own self but the one faced with the problem. Nature demands that we may look upon this phenomenon from the point of view of religious duty or with completely a secular approach but anyone using an iota of logic would agree that in the survival of one in the neighborhood is but the survival of all. This universal awareness developing universal norms and ethos is the need of the day for the very survival of the humanity. The first
Sign of this awareness is accepting a reality that we stop assessing an idea not by the criterion as to who is saying but what is being said.

How Peace can be turned into a Reality as World is turning into a Global Village.

World no doubt is turning into a Global Village but there is a vital question we must ask ourselves that are we really prepared for the challenges it brings in its wake. Let’s not forget this #globalization in reality is a byproduct of the #advancement achieved by mankind. However a big question is that are we going to misuse this gift like we did with the knowledge we attained through scientific development about #energy, the discovery known as E = mc square, that colossal amount of energy can be produced from mere an atom. We all are a witness to this grave reality that latter on we really could not harness this great source of energy for betterment of #humanity and on the contrary this became a big threat to the very existence of us all, as today it looks we all are sitting in a world which is no less than an atomic bomb. If we have forgotten #Hiroshima and Nagasaki Fukushima is not an old incident.

However this is not the topic we intend discussing here, instead what we want to highlight is the repercussions of such advancements which is but natural and is worth being proud of, only if we could convert it all for the benefit of all, the common good of humanity. Therefore as we step into this unavoidable globalization, there is a dire need for developing special acumen full of such higher dimensions of intellectual capacities which alone can harness the hidden potentials of this gift of advancement, able to build the true sense of compassion and empathy, so ardently required to ensure peace in this changing world. Unfortunately with the passage of time we are coming across new ideologies like the New World Orders and cliche like the “clash of civilization” which instead of ensuring harmony in a world are posing dangerous threats, not letting this world really become one safe Global Village, a home for all. Unfortunately, on the contrary it is resulting into a hazardous culture fragmenting society; instead of bridging the gaps is creating more gulfs.

As we are encountering this unique world first time since the very inception of civilization, again as a byproduct of the same process of advancement, what we ardently need now is to understand the dynamics of this development and prepare ourselves for this change and develop new strategies, not to conquer any more but to foster deep sense of fraternity in the community now living in this new world, with emphasis on how to live and let live. Let’s be careful this time, before this new advancement gets out of our hands and proves to be more dangerous than the last advancement we have talked about in the very beginning, the discovery of energy. If due care and acumen is exercised this time the resultant energy coming out of a natural human advancement can be judiciously turned into positive synergy to serve humanity and not become a threat to its very existence.

However last but not the least this miracle is only possible the day humanity can find ways to get closer, a possibility again thanks to the scientific advancement is available through proliferation of communication but for this most important factor we need to realize is that people at the helms of the affairs from the time immemorial do not want the common man to be free. Unfortunately their propaganda always is to make people hate each other so that they could fight battles for continuing their rules. Now how do we counter this is the key to salvation of mankind. Day we are no more sheep in the hands of our so called masters only then can we think of a world full of peace.

A sincere, judicious and a combined effort is required by us all to look for and utilize to the maximum the innumerable common links existing amongst humanity and curb all such phenomenon creating hatred amongst us, now as a global family. Such exploitation is natural from the people who are only interested to divide us on trivial matters just to justify following their nefarious policies, so dangerous for the very survival of us all as humanity.

As all wise people learn from the mistakes of others needless to say only fools learn from their own mistakes; by the way for which it looks the time too is not available. Therefore in order to elaborate the main point we are drawing the attention of all our august readers; let’s learn from the last words of a man who faced death as a result of war crimes. There are colossal amount of details, however the crux of what he said before facing gallows at Nuremberg are worth learning a lot from, if we call ourselves wise.

“Naturally the common people don’t want war. But after all it is the leaders of the country who determine the policy and it is always a simple matter to drag people along whether it is a democracy or a fascist dictatorship or a parliament or a communist dictatorship. Voice or no voice, the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders, this is easy. All you have to do is tell them they are being attacked and denounce the pacifists for lack of patriotism and for exposing the country to danger. It works the same in every country.” (Hermann Goering, Hitler’s Reich Marshal at the Nuremberg trials after WW II.)

By the way a vital point to note here is that the ideology pointed out by Hermann Goering is still followed without an iota of change all over the world, but let’s not forget the change we have to envisage for a more peaceful and a safer world is no more a choice but a necessity now as we are no more divided into mere pieces of lands, we are but one single Global Family. Therefore it has become a necessity of the time that the younger generation be taught from the beginning such ideologies as part of their curriculum which foster love for all irrespective of cast, color and creed. How all we can achieve this arduous task, we leave this challenge for the experts to come forward and do the brain storming to work out strategies to ensure we meet this challenge and produce a more cohesive and unified humanity by addressing the challenge and educating the coming generation free of prejudice we elders have lived since ages.

Appealing to moral sense of the oppressor is absurd – an oppressor is devoid of only one aspect and that is morals which makes him an oppressor. Freedom is mostly achieved rather snatched, but never through appeals as most of the oppressed world is trying to do these days. Even appealing to morals by awarding the Nobel prize for peace to the strongest oppressor.

Search for Ways to ensure a Placid World full of Peace and Tranquility-III

In continuity of our previous discussions, in search for ways to ensure a more peaceful & placid world there is a big reality which can not be overlooked here. It is quite evident that the solution to all the sufferings of humanity is not possible even within the scope of the monumental efforts done by multifarious organizations funded and designed by enormous infrastructure and giant institutions such as UN. One simple turning back towards the truth might bring to reality, the ardently required hope. What humanity needs is a code of ethics, an asset of morals and value of virtue back into our lives. This great reformation is perhaps only possible by reversing the needles of the clock, going back to religion, not a religion which wants hegemony of powerful over weak, not a religion which allows exploitation of others, irrespective of cast colour and creed, instead the religion which even allows and welcomes the difference of opinion with open arms with freedom of all religious practices. We will have to understand and value the ideologies like “relgio loci”, the religious spirit of the place, may it deem us guilty in front of some of the races and people like the Red Indians.

However this is only possible if man stops negating the very concept of the religion, that there is a God and we are all answerable to Him for all our doings, awakening of an individual as well as a collective conscience. We will have to bring back the concept of eschatology back into our day to day lives and not let it be restricted to the panache libraries, international conferences and discussion restricted to individual religious platforms. We will have to get back to our roots, where alone lies the salvation for humanity, we will have to look for the common links, e.g. we have to go back as far as the most common ancestor of us all, the Adam, forefather of us all and have to start realizing we all belong to one single community, one single nation we call it the world, our home.

We will have to stop having our individual dreams, instead we will have to learn to start sharing our dreams we will have to not only learn to share our belongings, wealth food everything which is only possible if we learn to share our ideologies and convictions. This is only possible if we learn to be tolerant by being flexible, ready to listen to other’s point of view. This all is possible if we all spare some time from our worldly pursuits, from the race to pile up more and more power and wealth, especially more then the neighbor, which might even be a neighboring country in a larger spectrum. When we will stop looking at the grass of our neighbor’s lawn, looking greener then ours and to stop finding ways to capture the oil reserve and other natural sources of other countries. We will also have to learn how we could rise above our hidden animal instinct and learn to share. If the lawn on the other side of our wall is not greener we will have to rise to a higher status of humanity to share a little of our own if it is more greener. We will have to learn to sacrifice our time money every bit of energies for the benefit of our fellow beings, for which we all will have to do a bit of our part of meditation, talk to our inner soul which alone is but the purest part in our being. We all will have to start feeling responsible for the others, a great sense of accountability alone can produce such a world we could call a placid world full of peace. Its not at all utopia, it is possible, bring back your grand parents from old homes don’t spend millions on “pet rock”, stop worrying about Pandas alone, have mercy on humans instead, worry about the child dying in Ethiopia. Stop spending millions on exploring water on mars and moon, we have enough here on earth for us all, only if we could learn and love to share. Let’s stop worrying about ozone layer the one who created it will take care of it better then us. We might as well prepare ourselves to take care of humanity of which we are but a part before the humanity is lost in the quagmire of this race for piling more and more wealth, the glitter, which is but a mirage. But we can only perceive this all if we could realize we owe a debt as the root word of religion from Greek word “Religio” means but a kind of debt.

We will only believe it all the day we are ready to get out of the shell we have created around us due to a self created fear, some call it the “having mode of existentialism”. We will have to learn to live in a solid “being mode of existentialism” instead. One simple answer is to except there is a power above us all who bestowed upon us all that we have, we are not the owners we are but the trustees. We all need to have a strong conviction that there is some power greater then us to which we shall be answerable. When we achieve this solid state of mind we can see a lot of other ways as well to ensure a more placid world for us all to live in peace.

With a strong hope and an ardent request that the readers would come out with many more ways to achieve peace, humanity so ardently requires, if we all have the conviction to see a better tomorrow.

Answers to the precious comments of my valuable readers on the last post.

Referring to the last post by the name of  Search for Ways to ensure a Placid World full of Peace and Tranquility-II 

Comment by Durdana Irshad — August 26, 2011 @ 3:16 pm
I feel that many aspects of religion are left to ones own interpretation and perception, to make it more personalized. The core principles dictated by a religion remain the same while the entire structure is rests on that frame work. The design of the building may vary for each person. Making peace is the core spirit that pervades through religions.

How an artist or a poet may perceive God or religion is also left to the individual’s thinking and there may not be much need to modify it..No one can be told that his way of understanding the personal aspects of religion is wrong, it may not be the best way but its not wrong nonetheless,as long as it does not prove harmful for the rest of the world.

Also, the sweet smiles of Mona Lisa were perhaps not so sweet after all. Speculations have it that this painting by Da Vinci was really the painting of Hermes and Aphrodite; merged into a single body. Artists are strange, eccentric creatures. Part of the definition of an artist is that he deviates from the standard norms, they may want to question it as well. It’s a trait of a creative person- that he questions.

I believe that as long as a person follows the directives of his religion, he can find peace within himself because the ultimate peace lies in faith for all mankind. Having a faith is the panacea for the human race.Peace within ensures peace without.

Reply by the author by Tariq Razi — August 27, 2011 @ 11:34 am

I am pleased to read your candid comments on the latest post. I have noted for myself for future articles that some main points must be elaborated more lucidly. I would make an observation on your first comment which says some aspects of religion are left to ones own interpretation, though all major religions do have this freedom and especially Islam where the difference between Shariah and Fiqh is an example in itself, mostly not under stood by some of their own scholars. Broadly Fiqh is the interpretation of Shariah, showing that inherent freedom. The point we want to highlight is that the problem also arises due to this flexibility, an inbuilt feature of every religion, but if misused, can result into extremism. Today this is mostly seen in Islamic nations but it has always been present in one form or the other, even what the Jews of that time thought they have crucified Jesus was a manifestation of the extremist tendencies developing in any religious practices with the passage of time. This feature is clearly available in Islam in the form of the institution of “Ijtihad”, as discussed above. Therefore one can conclude that there is a dire need to harness these tendencies, which is only possible if ignorance along with the lack of wisdom is not allowed to creep into any religious tradition at any stage, main cause of certain “isms” taking route into every religion with the passage of time. If God be willing, we will take this process of development in all religions and especially in Islam.

Same way in your second part of the comments we are confronting similar problem as far as the very concept of the divine Reality is concerned, this personalized god too is the main cause of the diversities resulting into many facets of one single Reality, a common tendency found in all religions. In Islam, Wahdat-al-Wajood, a concept extended by Ibn Arabi has raised unnecessary discussions and given birth to such diverse tendencies which might be one of the causes for great decadence in Muslim nations today, which requires detailed discussion at a separate platform. However it is evident that such ideologies were quickly imbibed and vehemently followed by already decaying religious philosophies in the west, as the term “pantheism”, is widely used which means same as Wahdat-al-Wajood. Rise of such tendencies in Islam is especially unbelievable in view of its clear percepts such as given in Surah Ikhlass, proving the existence of these tendencies in man because all religion, especially Islam invites man to contemplate and ponder over the great realities, all around making manifest, one single Reality. This was mentioned in the last article as the concept of “Afaq” as elaborated by Iqbal in his lecture in Allahabad.

This is a vivid example of how man gets lost even in his genuine pursuit of God, like in Islam, in spite of clear ordains emphasizing not only believing but professing the theme of the unity of God so precisely stated in concrete parameters leaving no place for any further developments. Yet one finds so many variants of this fundamental principle of Islam depicting clearly the disadvantage of adventurism in religious domains especially the very concept of the divine Reality.

Lastly what you have said is of vital value, one of the aims of all our endeavors, that all religions have emphasized the value of virtue and profess that service to humanity is the raison d’ etre of human existence then why religion itself and man himself is is the cause of all bloodshed and misery in the world. This is the purpose of all this discussion and in the coming discussion will focus on this question.