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Search for Ways to ensure a Placid World full of Peace and Tranquility-III

In continuity of our previous discussions, in search for ways to ensure a more peaceful & placid world there is a big reality which can not be overlooked here. It is quite evident that the solution to all the sufferings of humanity is not possible even within the scope of the monumental efforts done by multifarious organizations funded and designed by enormous infrastructure and giant institutions such as UN. One simple turning back towards the truth might bring to reality, the ardently required hope. What humanity needs is a code of ethics, an asset of morals and value of virtue back into our lives. This great reformation is perhaps only possible by reversing the needles of the clock, going back to religion, not a religion which wants hegemony of powerful over weak, not a religion which allows exploitation of others, irrespective of cast colour and creed, instead the religion which even allows and welcomes the difference of opinion with open arms with freedom of all religious practices. We will have to understand and value the ideologies like “relgio loci”, the religious spirit of the place, may it deem us guilty in front of some of the races and people like the Red Indians.

However this is only possible if man stops negating the very concept of the religion, that there is a God and we are all answerable to Him for all our doings, awakening of an individual as well as a collective conscience. We will have to bring back the concept of eschatology back into our day to day lives and not let it be restricted to the panache libraries, international conferences and discussion restricted to individual religious platforms. We will have to get back to our roots, where alone lies the salvation for humanity, we will have to look for the common links, e.g. we have to go back as far as the most common ancestor of us all, the Adam, forefather of us all and have to start realizing we all belong to one single community, one single nation we call it the world, our home.

We will have to stop having our individual dreams, instead we will have to learn to start sharing our dreams we will have to not only learn to share our belongings, wealth food everything which is only possible if we learn to share our ideologies and convictions. This is only possible if we learn to be tolerant by being flexible, ready to listen to other’s point of view. This all is possible if we all spare some time from our worldly pursuits, from the race to pile up more and more power and wealth, especially more then the neighbor, which might even be a neighboring country in a larger spectrum. When we will stop looking at the grass of our neighbor’s lawn, looking greener then ours and to stop finding ways to capture the oil reserve and other natural sources of other countries. We will also have to learn how we could rise above our hidden animal instinct and learn to share. If the lawn on the other side of our wall is not greener we will have to rise to a higher status of humanity to share a little of our own if it is more greener. We will have to learn to sacrifice our time money every bit of energies for the benefit of our fellow beings, for which we all will have to do a bit of our part of meditation, talk to our inner soul which alone is but the purest part in our being. We all will have to start feeling responsible for the others, a great sense of accountability alone can produce such a world we could call a placid world full of peace. Its not at all utopia, it is possible, bring back your grand parents from old homes don’t spend millions on “pet rock”, stop worrying about Pandas alone, have mercy on humans instead, worry about the child dying in Ethiopia. Stop spending millions on exploring water on mars and moon, we have enough here on earth for us all, only if we could learn and love to share. Let’s stop worrying about ozone layer the one who created it will take care of it better then us. We might as well prepare ourselves to take care of humanity of which we are but a part before the humanity is lost in the quagmire of this race for piling more and more wealth, the glitter, which is but a mirage. But we can only perceive this all if we could realize we owe a debt as the root word of religion from Greek word “Religio” means but a kind of debt.

We will only believe it all the day we are ready to get out of the shell we have created around us due to a self created fear, some call it the “having mode of existentialism”. We will have to learn to live in a solid “being mode of existentialism” instead. One simple answer is to except there is a power above us all who bestowed upon us all that we have, we are not the owners we are but the trustees. We all need to have a strong conviction that there is some power greater then us to which we shall be answerable. When we achieve this solid state of mind we can see a lot of other ways as well to ensure a more placid world for us all to live in peace.

With a strong hope and an ardent request that the readers would come out with many more ways to achieve peace, humanity so ardently requires, if we all have the conviction to see a better tomorrow.