Search for a real peaceful world

Comments from Nusrat

This is only possible if all mankind are sincere in their effort and they all have to try irrespective of who they where they what they are, this needs education and for that again we all will have to try our best so these some of the steps which are a prerequisite for a peaceful world. Another vital aspect is the courage to call a spade a spade, we all man kind have to grow far above a level to except hypocrisy at any cost and say no to corruption and exploitation of weak in all its manifestations.


1 thought on “Search for a real peaceful world

  1. Tariq Razi

    Thanks for your comments, sincerity is slipping out of our hands because of many reasons besides many obvious, one is the paucity of time we all are having so much to do, lot of which is not required, read our mails, unnecessary blogs to be managed which we have only made for pass time or satisfy our false ego that we are intellectuals, managing Facebook and so many other activities no doubt can serve a great purpose but has a negative side to it as well. However if we all care for others, their time their feelings and then do our bit to bring more peace in our lives , we will be sincere and at the same time all our efforts shall be of much use to all our fellow being a great responsibility we all share towards each other.
    With best wishes



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